Dimension dungeon
Manual version 0.9
by Barnabas Soon


The Dimension Dungeon Crawl is a light dungeon crawl game which takes place in a strange dimension which your character has ended up in. In order to escape, you must travel downward to the last level of the dungeon and defeat the creator of the dungeon.

About us

We're a small group based in New Zealand consisting of two core members.

Barnabas 'Hyperhop' Soon- Director and designer
Twirl - Main programmer

Playing the game

Unlike other dungeon crawls the primary interface of this game is the mouse and smart menu. Using the mouse secondary click on a terrain square will immediately bring up a list of possible actions for that location.

Dungeon Window
This is the main dungeon window where all the actions occurs and where you can keep track of what is happening to your character. There several main features that appear in the dungeon window are:

Your character
This is your current avatar in the game world.

These are the inhabitants of the dungeon that are all out to kill your character.

This is the floor of the dungeon where your character walks upon. Usually this will be plain dungeon floor but there are other types such as water and earth.

These are doors that can either be opened or closed. To open or close them, right click and use the smart menu.

These are the walls that define the dungeon rooms.

These are items that have been left around the floor of the dungeon. These can be picked up and stored away in the magical pouch.

These connect each dungeon level to each. Stairways can not be traversed while there are opponents around that are still hostile towards your character. To travel up or down a stairway right click on the stairway use the smart menu.

These are features of the environment some of which can be interacted with. Interacting with these may benefit or disadvantage your character.

Hotspot Information Panel

This panel gives a summary of the current location your character is standing on or information on the creature or terrain the mouse pointer is currently over.

Character information panel

This shows the character's attributes, the current state of your character and any conditions your character is in at the moment. The following details are displayed in the panel:

This represents the current status of your character or any effects your character is undergoing. The number in brackets indicate how many more turns before that effect wears off.

This tells you what experience level your character is currently at. Each time you increase in level, your attack, defense and evasion statistics increase.

Health points (HP)
This represents the amount of health points your character has. The first number in front of the slash reperesents the current health points while the second number behind the slash represents the maximum health points. If your character's current health points drop to 0 your character is dead.

Energy (En)
This represents the amount of energy your character has. The first number in front of the slash reperesents the current energy points while the second number behind the slash represents the maximum energy points. Energy is expended when using special skills.

This shows the amount of experience required to reach the next level.

Attack (Att)
This displays the amount of attack strength your character has. The higher the character's attack, the more damage your character does.

Defense (Def)
This displays the defense ability your character has. The higher the character's defense the less damage your character wil take from attack.

Evasion (Eva)
This displays the evasion skill of your character. The higher the evasion, the more accurate your attacks are and the higher the chance of your character avoiding attacks.

This shows the current equipment your character has equipped.

Message Logs
The message window will display the actions of your character and any creatures within the character's sight.

Game Tips

This game is a game where time does not flow continuously. Rather, it is a turn-based game where time only flows whenever your character performs an action. This could be waiting, attacking, moving or using an ability. Certain actions which you can take such as looking into your inventory will not take up any time in the dungeon itself.

Your character has three basic attributes, strength, agility and endurance.
Strength - Affects your character's ability to deal damage to opponents.
Agility - Affects your character's ability to dodge, use shields to block attacks and attack opponents successfully.
Endurance - Affects your character's health and ability to reduce damage dealt.

On top of the basic attributes are the derived attributes which take into account skill level, the armour your character is wearing and the weapon being wielded. The derived attributes are the ones actually used in whatever your character does so keep a close eye on them.

The dungeon itself must be explored to be revealed. As your character moves around, the unexplored parts will be uncovered while you will notice a grey fog appearing behind your character on the screen. This is the fog of war and represents the limits of your character's awareness of the surroundings.

Skills are an important part of surviving the dungeon. Skills are purchased by using skill coins. These coins are automatically gained when you kill creatures. Skills can be combined together without penalty except for the energy. Only one of each skills can be active at one time. For example, you can't activate Berserk again while you still in Berserk.

Remember stairways can not be traversed while there are still hostile opponents around.