Dimension Dungeon

Dimension Dungeon is the first game by Archiotech and is a rogue-like RPG game.
In Dimension Dungeon you play a warrior trapped in a dungeon-like pocket dimension and have to fight your way down to the bottom of the dungeon and confront the creator of this pocket dimension.

This was a learning game for us so unfortunately it isn't very good.

Dimension Dungeon was written in Java and requires the Java Runtime Environment 1.6 or higher to run.

Check out the Downloads page for the latest version.

Version 0.61 released

10 Apr 2010 12:25

A couple of fixes and improvements in this new release.

  • fix enemies being highlighted when you mouse over a non-visible tile.
  • fix problem where graphics stop displaying when you resize the game window too large.
  • improved creature generation, so weaker ones won't appear in the later levels.
  • added image icons to the inventory, making it much easier to tell items apart.
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Version 0.6 released

06 Sep 2009 11:58

Here are the latest changes for this release.

  • Mouse cursor for special abilities will turn blue.
  • Holding down the mouse button will now move the character.
  • You can now use the numpad keys to move the character.
  • Using the keyboard to move will now update the mouse cursor on screen to face the correct direction.
  • Double clicking potions and food in the inventory will now perform the desired actions (eat, drink/throw).
  • Added enemy state effects to hotspot panel.
  • A property file is saved after you exit the game to store things: last directory where you saved the game and window size/position.
  • Autocentering of the character. This will keep the character in the middle of the dungeon view at all times. To activate/deactivate this, go to the "View" menu and click "Autocenter".
  • The sub types of armour generated will be more even now (so there will be an even number of leggings, cloaks, shields etc).
  • There is a bit more variety in terrain features generated.
  • Fixed a few abilities that didn't work.
  • You now cannot travel stairs if there are enemies around that are engaged in combat with the player.
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Version 0.51 released

20 May 2009 09:50

Added descriptions to hero abilities, inventory items and terrain.
The hero ability and terrain descriptions appear in the hotspot panel (on the top right) when you move your mouse over them.
And inventory item descriptions appear when you click on them in the inventory.

Also fixed a bug where some abilities activate twice after clicking on a target, like the four-hit combo.
There are more bugs expected around using abilities too, please log them in the bug forum!

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Version 0.5 released

09 May 2009 02:07

Quite a number of changes in this version.

  • New in game dialog screens that appear after specific moments of the game.
  • The game log window kept jumping to the top, so you couldn't see the new events appearing. This has been fixed so it scrolls down properly.
  • Application of stat modifiers were quite messed up, for example when an enemy walked off a cloud tile, the bonus +2 agility would remain. This has been fixed.
  • Alot of abilities that used stat modifiers have been fixed.
  • Ranged cursors (like for throwing pots, targetting for abilities) now scroll properly when you move them to the edge of the game window.
  • Current statistics panel in the Base Statistics window now updates.

Something quite major that needs to be put in are descriptions for the abilities. At the moment, there's no way of telling what an ability does, unless you actually use them. Even then, you still would have trouble knowing what they do exactly. These descriptions will be added in the next update.

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Version 0.41 released

18 Apr 2009 22:08

This release is mainly to fix a major bug in 0.4 where you couldn't advance beyond dungeon level 1, because no stairs were being generated, so you were always stuck on the first dungeon level.

There are also a number of other changes:

  • The general skills have been moved into the Train Abilities window from the Upgrade Stats window
  • Fix the Shadow Winds skill not doing anything
  • Fix bug where sometimes the game can't start, because the hero character fails to get placed into the map
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Major bug in version 0.4

18 Apr 2009 12:44

Some of you might have noticed, that there was an incredibly lousy bug in the latest version of DD.
No stairs are generated on the first level, so you pretty much can't advance beyond the first level.
This will be fixed ASAP!

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Version 0.4 released

23 Mar 2009 09:43

Version 0.4 of Dimension Dungeon has been released.

  • fixed bug where you can't pick up inventory items after loading a saved game
  • fixed bug where you can't save games unless you exited the game at least once
  • improved item generation, so you get a slightly better variety of items on the first dungeon level
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Version 0.3 released

08 Mar 2009 07:32

Version 0.3 of Dimension Dungeon has been released.

New features

  • Special hero abilities. Newly trained abilities can be found on the bottom right panel. Simply click the ability to perform it.
  • Option to start new games from the File menu

Changes and bug fixes

  • Slightly increased the number of enemies generated, but from a slightly weaker pool of enemies
  • Decreased lava damage
  • Increased hitpoints for everyone
  • Keep hotspot and main mouse cursor updated after left clicking
  • Fix bug where left clicking doesn't do anything after a few left clicks on the same tile to move the player
  • Fix ordering of inventory items
  • Fix bug where weapons/armour disappear from inventory when unequipping weapons/armour
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Hero abilities currently in development

28 Feb 2009 10:26

In the next version of DD, we are introducing hero abilities.
These abilities allow the hero character to do special moves, besides just the regular attack that they have been limited to up to this point.
As you gain experience for killing enemies, you gain skill points.
Previously skill points could only be spent on training general skills. Now they can be used to train abilities.

When you train new abilities, they appear in the ability panel on the bottom right of the screen.
These abilities require energy to perform. In order to replenish energy, you have to eat food that can be picked up around the dungeon.

There are essentially 4 types of abilities:

1. Auto-attack: modifies your regular attack temporarily.

2. Passive: increase your stats temporarily.

3. Instant: instantly perform the special move upon activating, does not consume time units.

4. Special: instantly perform the special move after you've selected your desired target, does not consume time units.

We are excited to be introducing hero abilities as we believe this is a core feature of the game that enchances the dungeon crawl experience. Check back here soon for our next release!

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Version 0.2 released

01 Feb 2009 03:08

Version 0.2 of Dimension Dungeon has been released.

  • fixed bug where player attacked themselves when attacking enemies
  • improved the combat system
    • defence is now taken into account
    • damage dealt by player and enemies slightly increased
    • amount of missed hits reduced
  • reduced lava damage to do 5 damage instead of 20, which was too high
  • lava damage now increases by 4 per level
  • enemy generation has been fixed, so weaker enemies appear in earlier levels and stronger enemies appear as the game progesses
  • slightly increased the amount of experience required to level up
  • increased the default height of inventory window
  • improved performance for drawing graphics on screen
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